Dental whitening is a non-invasive professional technique that allows you to lighten your teeth by some shade.

The products used mainly contain hydrogen peroxide or dicarbamide peroxide in combination with an activating agent such as light and / heat.

The whitening agents are applied on the surface of the teeth, after isolating the gums, acting only on the inorganic part, without affecting the enamel in its mineralized part.

Teeth whitening does not present any side effects, although it is possible that temporarily there is an increase in the sensitivity of the teeth which tends to disappear within 8 hours.

The professional will be able to recommend a desensitizing product in order to prevent this disorder.

After the whitening treatment, the definitive result will be obtained after 2 days and it is important that in the 48 hours following the treatment, coloring and / or acidic foods and drinks are avoided, such as coffee, tea, red wine, berries, etc … Avoid smoking .

The causes of the loss of the natural color of the teeth can be the result of multiple causes and contributing causes. Talk to your professional who may also recommend alternative techniques to whitening. In any case, before the teeth whitening it is recommended to undergo a professional Dental Hygiene session in order to achieve the desired result or to the Aesthetic Oral Hygiene session at a lower cost.

Before the Whitening session, an Oral Hygiene session is recommended.

Here are some examples of whitening performed in our studio:





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