The Grusovin Dental Practice is made up of a team of constantly updated professionals, which places the patient at the center of their attention. Our goal is the search for the best care for the patient’s needs, with particular attention to the most up-to-date and less invasive techniques, from dental implantology, to smile aesthetics, from gum care to orthodontics.

The team is made up of Doctors of Dentistry, each specialized in particular aspects of the discipline, Graduated Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants and avails itself of the collaboration of qualified dental technicians, attentive to both functionality and aesthetics.

Our office strictly observes the current rules on patient safety, and is in possession of the required regional authorization.

All the radioprotection obligations (physical surveillance and quality control) deriving from the possession and use of radiological equipment are respected (Legislative Decree March 17, 1995 n 230). In general, exposures to ionizing radiation are kept as low as possible, compatibly with dental diagnostic needs.

The most scrupulous hygiene rules are followed. The instruments used are sterilized in an autoclave; in addition there is extensive use of disposable material.

In the office there are always medicines and materials necessary in case of health emergencies.

For the disposal of waste, we have entered into a contract with a company authorized to dispose of special and / or hazardous waste.

The electrical system of the Firm meets the legal requirements (law 4671990 – CEI 64-4 standards) to which all type A medical clinics must be subject. The checks of this system are carried out with the frequency required by the law in force.

The Firm complies with fire prevention regulations (Ministerial Decree of 18 September 2002 and Ministerial Decree of 10 March 1998).

The Firm complies with all the obligations provided for by the privacy law currently in force (Legislative Decree 196 of 30706/03 and subsequent).

The Firm and its Owner operate in compliance with the rules for the protection of health and safety in the workplace (law 626/94).

Studio Dentistico a Gorizia