Are you sure you need to remove the tooth?

Nowadays there are many new minimally invasive techniques that allow the maintenance of teeth that were once extracted.

Periodontal disease is a disease that affects the supporting apparatus of the tooth and is caused by a bacterial infection that acts on a predisposed individual. One of the first manifestations is gingival bleeding which is evident by touching the gums. There may be bad breath, a feeling of mobility of the teeth, or moving teeth.
An intraoral X-ray shows how much bone was lost around the tooth. In many cases, the lost bone can be recovered. The first step is proper personal and professional oral hygiene.

The dentist and or hygienist will carry out the probe (with a graduated instrument the loss of attachment around the tooth is measured by gently inserting it into the gum) and will check the condition of the gums and the loss of periodontal attachment.

Eliminating the bacteria forms the basis for the attack to reform itself. In very advanced cases, surgery is carried out. Dr. Grusovin is a specialist in the treatment of periodontitis and in particular in regenerative surgery. The surgical approach is minimally invasive thanks to the use of microsurgical instruments and optical magnifiers that allow you to work while minimizing access. The post-operative period is minimal and in many cases the extraction and insertion of implants is avoided in a single operation.