We inform you that in relation to the measures for the containment of the Coronavirus infection in our office we are carrying out all the necessary procedures to guarantee you our treatments in the highest safety.

We ask for your cooperation! The procedures are implemented in the interest of your safety! Don’t come to the studio without an appointment.

Please call 0481 – 531547 first.

  • Arrive on time! There must be a maximum of two people in the waiting room at a time. Therefore, arrive 5 minutes before your appointment having filled in the forms sent.
  • Carers are not allowed, except in real cases of need (minors, non self-sufficient people) who will be asked to wait outside the studio.
  • Report any symptoms related to Coronavirus or contacts with positive people (fill in the triage that will be sent to you or answer the questions that will be asked over the phone).
  • The extra-clinical procedures will be performed as far as possible at a distance.

For this we will send you the triage to be carried out before entering the studio via email or via WhatsApp. We therefore need your email and WA and your willingness to use them. They will also be used to send you quotes and material needed for treatment.

We will use video chat to explain treatment plans, to discuss quotes, to communicate with you before and after treatment.

For payments, if possible, we prefer wire transfers. The secretary will give you directions on this.

Come to the office with the mask that you will only take off once seated in the clinic chair.

As soon as you enter the studio, disinfect your hands with the special gel.

Keep your distance. We will not be able to greet you as usual by shaking your hand and we will welcome you with the surgical masks worn.
Wear the shoe covers you find in the waiting room. Put your belongings in the plastic bag that will be given to you.

Run the pre-session rinse for one minute (1% hydrogen peroxide).

We will no longer use rinsing during the clinical procedure to avoid the spread of splashes but we will wash and aspirate the mouth directly.

Thanks for collaboration.